Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Caught in the Fire

Stop the presses.

Time for you to update your links. I will from now on be blogging on the following location: (link)

And that will be the name of the blog: Mythology.

For some reason I can't export my posts from this blog to that one, so I'll keep this blog as an archive for the time being (perhaps forever).

I will conclude this blog by explaining its title, Caught in the Fire.

Firstly, I started this blog as a kind of self-therapy, dealing with some personal problems. Caught in the Fire seemed like a good title (and it is). While I did write some insightful posts on that topic, it was difficult and I never dared announce the blog to anyone (except a few friends). So I removed those posts and began writing about other things that interested me. With great success -- it's actually both more therapeutic and more fun this way, and I got some great readers and commenters that I wouldn't have had if I had kept the original topic going.

Secondly, it's a line from a song called "Walk through the Fire", which is a song in an episode of Buffy (Once More with Feeling -- a musical, and possibly the best ever TV show episode).

Exit fire, enter mythology!


alexandrian said...

you are right. blog is like a therapy. you can express yourself through blogging

XY said...

Yes, good for gaining understanding and knowledge about things (including, but not limited to, oneself). People in general need to relax and philosophize more.

Loomis said...


Just wanted to let you know that although I found your blog due to its chess content and I think only commented on chess posts, I have read your other posts as well. I like reading the perspectives of people who have taken the time to think about them and write clearly.

XY said...

Thx Loomis, that's nice to know.

I don't understand how people survived before the internet. : ) Actually, I did nearly die, but that's a story for another day.

Crashdummie said...

Hey that’s shameless advertising…

if that doesn’t work then I dunno what will ;)

XY said...

My books on fiction writing tell me to create suspense... :P

chess addict said...

are you still here?

XY said...

I don't post in this blog anymore (my new blog is located at, but I still see when a new comment is posted.

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