Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Caught in the Fire

Stop the presses.

Time for you to update your links. I will from now on be blogging on the following location: (link)

And that will be the name of the blog: Mythology.

For some reason I can't export my posts from this blog to that one, so I'll keep this blog as an archive for the time being (perhaps forever).

I will conclude this blog by explaining its title, Caught in the Fire.

Firstly, I started this blog as a kind of self-therapy, dealing with some personal problems. Caught in the Fire seemed like a good title (and it is). While I did write some insightful posts on that topic, it was difficult and I never dared announce the blog to anyone (except a few friends). So I removed those posts and began writing about other things that interested me. With great success -- it's actually both more therapeutic and more fun this way, and I got some great readers and commenters that I wouldn't have had if I had kept the original topic going.

Secondly, it's a line from a song called "Walk through the Fire", which is a song in an episode of Buffy (Once More with Feeling -- a musical, and possibly the best ever TV show episode).

Exit fire, enter mythology!
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