Sunday, August 05, 2007

Grand Master Chess for free

Just thought I'd tell you that Grand Master Chess (14.95$) is given away for free today at give-away-of-the-day. (I've been checking GAotD every day since it started, and found some really valuable and useful software.)

I'm downloading it right now, so I haven't tried it yet.

Update: Tried it briefly now. Disappointed. It's flashy, but no real configurability (except for graphics and a few other things), and you get no info on search depth and stuff like that (which is of interest to me). At least not as far as I have found. Also, it's kind of annoying to use. Lots of different boards and pieces to choose from, many of which I doubt anyone ever uses, so it's just pure bloatism. It has network capability (and can act as a server and client), which is good. But I suspect that it only works its own protocol (so it can only connect to itself, and not to FICS for example). Anyway, I'll keep it for now and maybe explore it some more later.

Update 2: Maybe I was too harsh. It does look great, which I appreciate.

Still, the old free version of Fritz (see link in left frame) is better.

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