Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fiction Writing

TV shows and movies have awaken in me an interest in storytelling, so I've decided to add a new project to my list: learn how to create stories and write them down. Fiction writing. That's something I on and off have considered before, and I've even bought a number of books on the subject. But the time hasn't been right until now. If it is, I'll see about that.

This means a new system to play around: the identification of central concepts (and their interrelation), and the relation between concept and implementation, and so on. Very interesting. I guess there is a risk I never get around to actually write, I guess I just have to wait and see.

There seems to be interesting similarities between chess and storytelling, at least on an abstract level (things like the relationship between abstractions and concretes, and so on. Both subjects are similar in that they combine theory and practice more evenly than many other subjects. Or so I think, but I'll have to think some more about that and get back to it.)

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