Thursday, July 26, 2007


Some ten or so years ago I had some interest in MBTI, a psychological system that divides humans into 16 different personality types.

I think there are some serious problems with this system, but there is some truth to it and it can be fun to play around with.

I first tested out as INTP, but not long thereafter I discovered that I'm probably more of an INTJ. Recently I've become increasingly convinced that INFJ might be the best fit. They are not that different, INTJ and INFJ, as they share the same dominant function (introverted intution), and I find myself somewhere in the middle.

Both are system builders, but INTJ:s tend to be more concerned with technical stuff whereas INFJ:s are more people oriented. (That's not the only difference, and it's not a defining characteristic.)

Anyway, I think of the nerd within me as the INTJ (whose interest are things like programming and chess), and the activist within me as the INFJ. (You don't see much of that latter side in this blog.)


They put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done, and constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives.

: )


Anonymous said...

a free resource is at

Crashdummie said...

and that was... accurate?
I think I'm to complex to be labeld ;)

XY said...

Yah, I've seen, as well as other resources on mbti and infj. I've no plans on making any deeper study of MBTI, but I might take another look.

What was accurate, the quote? It is accurate, at least the 'getting things done' part. Some of the general infj-descriptions are suprisingly accurate too.

As for 'complex', I guess I'm a very simple guy. : )

Loomis said...

"complex" isn't a label? ;-)

It's also important to know that the meyers-briggs results are not binary. Rarely is anyone either an introvert or extravert. And the results
of your test should reflect that. They don't just say I or E, they give you a percentage that tells you where you fall on the I to E scale.

Of course, the same goes for the rest of the letters. I think XY's situation where he's sometimes INTJ and sometimes INFJ is not unusual. He's probably very close to the center of the T/F spectrum.

XY said...

I partly agree, but there are some problems with that view, which I'll blog about (probably in the next post).

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