Saturday, June 16, 2007

chess program, funny position

Sir Edward Vs farm boy
It was finally dawning upon Sir Edward that he may lose.

Or maybe: "After careful consideration Sir Edward concluded he was worse off."

The above position came up when I was trying out a new method that sets up a position based on a string. Earlier I had few pre-coded positions in order to test the program in different positions, but the information of where to put each piece and pawn was integrated with the instructions that put it there. Now they are separated; one method handles the setting up, based on a string (which represents the position) sent as an argument. At first there was some problem and the position above came up (without the kings). Thought is looked funny. : )

I've started to measure the performance of the chess computer by letting it compete against other chess computers and record the result. I'll be back with some statistics. (It still plays badly, but it's fun to watch nonetheless, at least if you're the creator.)


Wahrheit said...


Black's pawn position is a little loose, but his active rooks guarantee some advantage. :)

XY said...

Black is clearly a very capable player, succeeding in such difficult a maneuver such as placing a black pawn on c8. One can but to be impressed.

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