Monday, May 07, 2007

This just in: crazy game by computer

Okay, here's a game my chess computer just played (both sides). It's thinking only two plies (half-moves) ahead, less than 0.5 s per move. It evaluates a position according to three criteria: material worth (of course), center squares, and a secret criteria. It knows no opening theory, of course, and there is no randomizer, so it plays this game every time (given two half-moves. It would play better looking ahead more moves, but I'll wait until I've implemented the alphabeta pruning algorithm before I play through any longer games, as well as some other changes.)

I've now added a nice looking board and some real pieces (earlier I just had board with numbers representing pieces). And I've increased the search speed to at least 6000 positions per second. Still haven't put any real effort in speed increasing, so I expect to gain more later. Anyway, the game:

I actually don't understand why it plays some of the moves, but then my third criteria is difficult to calculate as a human (and it probably makes it play some bad moves, but I had to throw in something quickly in order to make it stop playing a3 and then Ra1-Ra2 back and forth...)


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