Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chess -- positional play and pawn structure

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding upon a positional goal is pawn structure. And I've found the best ever site to explain what that's all about. This one. Apparently based on a book by Euwe and Kramer, currently out of print.



Wahrheit said...

My, that's encyclopedic, to say the least. Who needs the book? :)

XY said...

I wouldn't want the book to get more info on pawn structures, but if the book is as good in explaining other features of chess it might be a good buy. But I've more or less promised myself not to buy any chess books... The internet is really all one needs.

Wahrheit said...

I checked out this book from the library many years ago, and I think it was very good, but I agree that there is more good material on the internet now than anyone could go through in a lifetime, anyway. I rarely buy books anymore but I do have several hundred that I wouldn't want to give up, and some of he material there is unavailable elsewhere.

XY said...

I'm big on throwing away books (and other stuff) that I won't use (or not use enough) any more. The fewer the merrier. With mixed results though, I still collect way too many bookmarks. This pawn-structure site is a clear keeper though.

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