Friday, May 11, 2007

Chess -- Another breakthrough position

Here's another breakthrough position, one that I got from Susan Polgar's blog (a blog every chess player should read, but then I guess most already do) the other day:

Notice the elements making it a 'before the breakthrough'-position: white has the superior position, all pieces are well placed (any positional move seems to just make the position worse), the king is safe. It's an open position, so making pawn moves are out of the question. And you can't have a positional goal such "making a piece more active" either, because all pieces are already fully active. Vintage pre-breakthrough; something radical is required.

In this position the solution happens to be purely tactical (nice tactics, find it out), which in a way is the least interesting type of breakthrough, since tactics isn't as ambiguous as other ways to continue, like sacrifices or 'making threats and switching targets'. (I need a better name for the last one.)


Loomis said...

'making threats and switching targets' may be what is called 'redeployment.'

XY said...

Redeployment, that's it. Thanks.

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