Monday, April 09, 2007

Chess -- some games of mine

I've decided to not post my rating or online nick (it's not XY) on this blog, in order to avoid feeling any pressure to improve. However, I will post games.

Some games:

Game 1

A win, I'm white. I played this game about 10 years ago, one of the last games I played before I stopped playing chess (until recently).

For fun you can do the following: play to (and including) the 12:th move, and then stop and try to decide what to do as white. Both generally and the specific next move (the 13:th).

After that, play to (and including) the 15:th move, and do the same thing again. How should white continue?

(I could have started the sequence now starting at move 16 one move earlier, I just missed it.)

Game 2

Another sweet win, but this a closer call.

Game 3

Another win as white. Look at those knights. Don't play out whites 37:th move immediately. What would you play?

(btw, 34. Nxe6 was a mistake. 34...Qxe6 would have given black counter play.)



Wahrheit said...

Thanks, I enjoyed playing over these games very much--were they 5 14 or something like that? If so, even more impressive.

XY said...

Thx. No, those are ordinary OTB games. I think I'm a better player now than when I played those, but not so much better that I'd perform better (or as good) in a 5 14.

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