Friday, April 06, 2007

Chess -- a couple of quotes

Today some true words by Ward Farnsworth, from this site:

The quality of your chess is determined by the quality of your train of thought when deciding what move to make. The train of thought may be partly verbal, partly visual, or partly intuitive, but in any case it will involve a sequence in which you consider candidate moves and their pros and cons. The climb from novice to something better largely is a move from meandering, unsystematic trains of thought to more methodical and fruitful ones.


The trains of thought offered in the commentaries emphasize the use of clues: signs to search for during your games that indicate a tactic might be available. The explanations show how the same sets of questions, some of them simple, can generate impressive tactical ideas when they are asked and answered methodically.



Wahrheit said...

An excellent site--thanks for linking to it. I'll put your blog in my links section today and I think I'll add this as well.

Best Regards

XY said...

Glad you liked it. I almost felt as if I was cheating just posting quotes. :)

I'm starting to think I should get a list of links too, now that people have started to link to me...

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