Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chess and other activities

It's possible that I wouldn't spend any time at all on chess if I couldn't integrate it into my other activities as much as I have. Like this:

I'm currently working on creating a chess computer, which is pretty interesting and makes me a better programmer (though I'm not sure it will have something new to offer). I'll write more on that later.

I like blogging, and chess gives me an unlimited amount of things to blog about. It seems like every written post gives me ideas to at least two new posts.

I like creating systems, especially when it's related to thinking in some rather direct way. And chess playing (and improving) provides ample opportunity for that. One gets to think about and trying out different methods, and identifying new interesting principles.

It provides many opportunities for interaction with other chess players.

Without all this extra stuff (and I'm sure there's more than the above) it just wouldn't be worth it, I think (even if playing is fun and interesting in itself, of course). But now it is, and that's great.


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