Sunday, February 11, 2007

Software -- Flashpaste

I’ve bought a license to the software Flashpaste, a program I’ve found to be of great help with some things. It is a place to store text snippets in an arranged and easily accessible way. What kind of text? Any kind that you use often, so that you can paste the text from this storage. For most people this is probably not very meaningful, but for a programmer, however, it is very useful, as many instructions are similar. They are rarely identical, but what you do is that you store a kind of template of a certain type, and then paste that template and change/fill in whatever the detail should be.

It is somewhat expensive given how simple it is (30$), but it comes with a lifetime of free updates which is great (most software sells with a free updates for a year or until the next major update), and I think I will be using it for a long time.

It is very neat. It is possible to access the snippets with the least amount of clicks as is possible. It sits in the system tray and is activated with one click, and a small window opens. You locate the snippet in a tree structure of your own creation, and when you click the desired text it is automatically pasted to wherever the cursor is at the moment (make sure it’s correctly placed), and then the window closes automatically.

The software has another mode also (dual-mode) -- if the symbol in the tray is double-clicked another window opens (the earlier described window is by the way as small as possible, which is nice. It’s not as if you open a big clunky program), to where you can add new snippets at a desired location. It was a good decision to have a specific window for this part rather than trying to combine the two.


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