Monday, February 26, 2007

Lack of precision II

Some people really ought to train themselves in being more precise. I wonder if maybe start doing an activity that demands precision would be of help to them. I think everyone would be well of having a hobby that demands precision. I’m thinking chess (or some other precise game), programming, math, maybe grammar. And trying to improve precision in writing directly too, but the problem with that is that it isn’t easy to measure precision in writing. In chess or math you really know whether you’re right or not. If you’re right in chess, your rating goes up.

When dealing with humans the opposite is often the case. The wrong and imprecise may very well also be that which is "working" best, so social interaction can carry a certain risk for one’s mental processes.

(And of course, those who do not express themselves precisely usually don’t understand precision in others either. Some people, for example, would respond to what I’m saying with something like "so you’re saying one should avoid or cut back on social interaction?" No, I’m not. Go play chess or something, and come back when you’ve learned to read. I know, I’m evil. What was that, not evil but pathetic and hostile? Whatever dude, whatever.)

(And BTW: with "precision" I don't mean nitpicking. If someone writes "he eat pizza today" that's grammatically wrong, but since you clearly understand what he is saying he's 100% precise and clear in the sense I'm talking about. The reason I included grammar as an area to study is more because of the mental training and not to actually learn grammar. Sounds strange, huh? Whatever, again. Lastly, English isn't my first language so I'm sure some of what I write isn't as clear as it should be. I'm trying, I'm trying. Sorry.)


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