Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Software -- Global Clipboard

Another free program from I don’t like this one very much. Of course, I do like clipboard enhancers, but this particular one just isn’t that good. For one thing, there is no tree structure. You really want to be able to save the clips in a tree structure. Or, if you don’t want that, then you’re probably not an advanced user and could probably go by with one the freewares.

I often describe (good) software as "neat", to the point of overusing that poor adjective. Well, Global Clipboard isn’t neat. It contains unnecessary information (like number of chars of each clip -- totally uninteresting... for me anyway), and each slot takes up way to much space (which is especially bad since there is no tree structure; if you have more than six clips, you have to scroll back and forth to read and access them).

It does have some features that could be useful to some users (not me), like ability to save things that aren’t just text (like pictures and sound files).

It looks pretty good, despite the non-neatness.

For text that is going to be pasted repeatedly, Flashpaste is the best choice (like I’ve said before). For text just saved for later reading or reference, I use ClipPlus (which has a tree structure and a three panel window).

Oh, and another important thing. You can’t use Global Clipboard to actually read the text you’ve copied (except the first words of it), unless it is short enough to fit in one of the slots. You’ll have to load the text into memory (hoping you can identify the text based on that which you do see, the first words in the text) and paste it somewhere, or save the slot as a file and then read the file. ClipPlus with its three panel view, on the other hand, let you read the whole text -- one of the panels is used for exactly that. So ClipPlus is basically a complete text editor as well (although I only use it for reading saved clips and maybe make a few changes here and there.)


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