Friday, February 16, 2007

fight aging

If I stay alive for another 20 years or so, I (and everyone else) might stay alive for a long, long time thereafter. The medical area of longevity could have come a long way by then, and it is possible that the process of aging can be slowed. That’s the first step, then comes the stopping of the processes completely, and lastly to turn it around and make the body (including the brain) biologically younger. That would mean goodbye forever to dying of old age. Most experts, as I understand it, think that aging will be stopped and reversed one day, although most think that lies further into the future. But some intelligent, reasonable and knowledgeable people think that 20 year is enough to get some good results in the area (although just a genuine slowing of the aging process, not a stopping or a reversal - but a slowing is enough to begin with, it’ll buy you some extra time.)

On the other hand, in twenty years the world may have been ripped to pieces in another global war. There is a war coming...


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