Monday, February 19, 2007

Battlestar Galactica III

Woo! Just saw a couple of very good BG episodes. I’ve reached the middle of season two now [actually, this post was queued, and I have now seen the whole second season], and things have changed in a very interesting way, and they used that change of background to create 2-3 very good episodes (but it’s a change of a more lasting nature). The dialog have suddenly become better too.

Wait a minute, am I withholding information out of consideration, not wanting to give spoilers? Haha. I haven’t even got any readers. So here’s what happened, broadly speaking: they found another surviving fleet, which opens up many new possibilities plot- and character-wise. And they’ve already taken full advantage of that and created a few episodes that would have been impossible with the earlier setup.

[And now, after having seen the whole season, some other even more important plot-turns have occurred. The found a planet on which they settled -- against the better knowledge of some of them --, and a year later the cylons arrived to occupy them. Or so it seems, that’s how the season ended. The ships managed to escape, and the colony became occupied.]


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