Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anti-aging: boredom

One popular argument against not aging is that life would become boring after a while. Well, speaking for myself, I don’t think so. Life generally just gets more interesting. I’ve had (and have) problems, but boredom hasn’t been one of them. And I know pretty old people who isn’t the slightest bored. Boredom is the result of having a certain mind, certain values (or non-values), not a result of having lived too long (in fact, among the most easily bored are people who haven’t live much at all, children.)

But even if everyone would get bored after a while (say, after 250 years). So what? I’d rather live with a young body until I am 250 and then take my life, than dying at age 85 having spent most of my life gradually getting older (with everything that implies). Heck, I would rather live until I’m just 60 than 85 if I could do so in a young body.

No one is going to force anyone to extend their life. It’s just a option, take it or leave it. If you feel life is more exiting decaying and dying, that’s fine. Just don’t stand in our way.


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