Sunday, January 07, 2007

Software - RoboTask

RoboTask is one of the free programs on giveawayoftheday. Usually costs 99$, and it's a neat program. You write scripts to automatize certain tasks. It based on actions and triggers. It can perform a number of different actions (or series of actions) and these actions can be activated by any of a number of triggers. The scripting language of course has if-statements and loops.

The only really useful thing I'm using it for this far is uploading files to my web server. I've created a folder on my local computer and when I push a button anything in that folder uploads to the server. The pushing of the button is all i need to do to upload (aside from putting the files in that folder) and the process is over in a few seconds. As against starting up the 'ol FTP-program och doing it manually, or log on to the server and do it that way. Neat, although I'm sure many homepage editors have that function as well.

You could also easily create a backup-program with RoboTask (as well as many other types of programs that manipulate files and folders). Upon a certain trigger (hot keys, a certain time every week, clicking a ikon etc) it could backup any number of pre-set folders and/or files to any folder (even a remotely located folder). I already have a backup program so I don't need it for that, but it's still neat. It's like it has an inbuilt backup-capacity.

It has some functions to access he clipboard, so you could build a clipboard-enhancer if you like. It could be set to automatically copy anything in the clipboard to a file, or only copy it when you push Ctrl+q (or whatever), or any other of many possibilities.

You can write scripts to access the registry (add, delete, change, search), run program, download (and parse) or send mail, and some other stuff. It can ping, so if you have a network you can write a script to make it ping all servers and notify you if a server is down (and have a time-based trigger, let it auto-ping every 30 minutes or so).

None of the above will impress anyone that has been working in commando-mode in UNIX and been writing scripts, but it's kind of hard to get that functionality in Windows. Also, it's easier and more fun to work with RoboTask than Bash. In fact, the interface is really nice and intuitive which is a big plus.

I wouldn't buy it, but it's worth the price when it's free. And that FTP-thing is going to make life much simpler for me.


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