Sunday, January 07, 2007

Software - Maple Professional

Another small revolution. Maple is a notes organizer. Not to be confused with the note holding ability of NotesHolder. NotesHolder is just a place to collect notes, but it's only temporarily until you get around to put them into your real system, which for me primarily is Maple.

Maple is basically a bunch of notes organized in a tree structure. In these notes I write down much of what is relevant in my life. Much of this stuff is things that are a part of GTD - a list of all my projects and next actions and areas of responsibility and someday/maybe lists and so on. That alone is a lot and it's great being able to put everything in the same place, and it would had been nightmare to try to write it all down without having the tree structure and the possibility to quickly switch between documents (using only, say, ordinary text-documents in a folder... that would have been completely non-working and chaotic). The tree structure makes it possible to group things that belong together. For example, I have various someday/maybe lists (lists of things that I will or might do someday). One is a list of things I might write someday (emails, blog posts, reviews, etc), another is a list of things to possibly buy, and list of things to read, and so on. All of these lists are placed as sub-nodes to the node "someday/maybe".

I tried other note organizers, but Maple Prof. is the most intuitive and neatest. Highly recommended.

I'm not GTDing as well as I would like to (mainly because of bad health and all that), but without Maple I wouldn't be GTDing at all.


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