Thursday, January 04, 2007

Software for free

I have begun downloading and trying out (and buying) lots of new software, something I rarely did until recently. Some of that software has made a big difference in my life, which I wouldn't had guessed before. I will write more on these little programs later, but let me begin with mentioning a great site:

They give away a new free piece of software every day. Not freeware but shareware. It's not illegal; they have an agreement with the vendor. Some of the conditions are different from buying the program though. It is a full program (not a 30-days trial or with limited functionality), but you don't get any support and you must install it the same day (this is checked) and lastly you don't get any updates. But other than that, it's free as in free beer.

It is usually software in the range of 15-40$, but there have been a couple of more expensive ones too (like 100-150$).

Even when I'm not downloading I've found that visiting the site is a learning experience. I get a more clear idea of what software can do.

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