Thursday, January 18, 2007

Software -- CoffeeCup Free

I got a new html-editor, the freeware CoffeCup. Like it better than my last one.

It's not a WYSIWYG, which I don't want or require. But it's possible to preview the code in one easy click (probably available in most html-editors, not like back in the days when tools like notepad were commonly used... anyone using notepad these days for coding of any sort has got to be mad in some way.)

It has an inbuilt ftp-uploader -- which is really important for me, since I need to test out php-code all the time (and I don't have an php-interpreter locally, and CoffeeCup won't even let me interpret html-code in the preview-mode if the file contains php-code, so even if I just change the html-code I need to upload it in order to see the change...)

And of course it has code-highlighting (also a must), and using all these things is intuitive and simple (uploading a file -- or even all files -- is done very quickly.)

One annoying thing is how it handles tabs, which makes is somewhat difficult to work with at times, especially when writing php-code. However, there might be some option to change that. Couldn't find any, but perhaps I need to look more closely.


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