Friday, January 12, 2007

GTD is anti-evasion

The ultimate sin in Objectivism is evasion, the nameless act of pushing things out of your mind. Things that some part of you know you should be thinking about. Anything you can do to guard yourself against evasion is a good thing, and GTD seems to be really beneficial in that regard. With GTD you get all your concerns out in written form, and things that are externalized that way can't easily (or at all) be evaded. You have a system of reminders, so you can't conveniently "forget" to do or think about some things. Maybe you can prevent the thought from forming properly before it even gets to the stage of being written down, but even that is made somewhat difficult because GTD has those regular "mind-sweeps" specifically executed to bring to awareness things that are floating about in your mind that isn't yet externalized.


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