Friday, January 26, 2007

Battlestar Galactica II

Okay, now I've seen the whole first season now, and still like it a lot.

They use music in a very efficient way, just like Veronica Mars and Whedon's shows, which is important. In contrast with for example Star Trek: The Next Generation, which has very bad and anonymous background music (but it's still a pretty good show).

The dialog isn't always entirely satisfactory, especially when the show is running one of its spiritual plot-lines (god is actually a pretty central theme in the show). It's not terrible like the spirituality in the matrix, but it isn't Joss Whedon either. It's just kind of squarish at times, like "I am a scientist, and god cannot be observed or measured, so it's just fairy tales!"

The plot-lines are good. They have the right pace -- the right amount of time passes before each new big step... and it has some interesting (and daring) turns. I'm not too fond of the political plot-lines, but they're not too bad either. I just hope the 'terrorist' really is just a terrorist, so they don't try to make him "complex" by adding some true honesty, good-will and 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom-fighter'-stuff to him. That would be cliche-like in a terrible way, and I'm sure they would handle it badly.

It's still deliciously dark.


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