Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm growing increasingly tired of my country and have begun thinking about leaving it. That's not something I'll do in the near future, but perhaps in a couple of years or so. Maybe it's just a daydream and something that'll never happen. I don't know. Given all my fears, changing country is about the most frightening thing I can imagine doing. Next after having my eyes cut out and getting jail-raped and burning in hell and about a million other things. But right after those million other things, leaving this nation is the worst. But the thought of it also excites me. A daydream only? Only time can tell.

Since I'm not moving next week, I got plenty of time to consider different places to live in. Let's try to outline things to consider. I don't know at this time exactly want I want in each area, or the relative importance of each area (or whether I have identified all areas.)

Climate. I want the right temperature and 'precipitation' (that's how my dictionary translates it into. You know, the amount of rain and snow, if any.) Well, I like it fairly cool, but perhaps slightly warmer than here. Some rain would be nice, snow doesn't matter.

Geography. Do I want to live near the ocean? Near mountains? Forest? Stuff like that. Well, living near the ocean is nice. I think. I don't take much advantage of that here though. Do I care for forests? I don't know.

Population. Do I want it sparsely populated or more crowded? Relatively sparsely, no doubt., yet I absolutely don't want an "everyone knows everyone" type of situation. Actually, I like the population density here. Enough people so that no one knows anyone, but not so much it feels crowded (like I imagine that New York would feel, although that's a great city in other ways.)

Work. I want there to be computer-related jobs available, thanks.

Dwelling. I want to be able to get an apartment in a decent area.

Idea climate. What kind of philosophical ideas that are popular. Hey, I'm an Objectivist, so the nearer those ideas the culture is, the better. Also, I've had enough of this nation's rampant anti-Americanism (and anti-Israelism), and I want to escape that.

The people. How do I want them to be? This is going to be a tough one both to discover in myself what I want, and to discover how the people are in any given area.

High-Tech...iness. The cornerstone in my life is internet and my broadband connection. That has to be widely available so that wherever I get my apartment I'll have easy access to a cheap broadband connection.

I feel no pride at all being a citizen here. I want to live somewhere where I can feel I belong and be proud of. I've always assumed that the problem is just me and that things would feel the same wherever I live. But perhaps I feel this way partly because of where I live. I've become slightly more extrovert of late, been thinking more about how my environment affects me.

Thinking along these lines is exciting. Scary but potentially valuable. The place I have my eyes on right now is Auckland, New Zealand.

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