Sunday, December 25, 2005

I.A.Q (infrequently asked questions)

So, where have you been?


Around? What do you mean?

Um, I mean... um, what do you mean?

I mean, you've not updated your blog in a long time. Why?

Oh. Much to do and stuff.


No. Or yes, sort of. But not so much I couldn't have updated the blog.

So why haven't you?

I'm not sure. I apparently don't understand myself as much as I should.

What about the future, will you remove the blog?

No, no. I do intend to write more frequently, I just need to sort out some things first.

What things?

Well, better planning would be great. I waste a lot of time by not planning enough. And I need to remove those factors that paralyze me, as I've been writing about and probably will write more about. I need to define a clear value-hierarchy.

You mean like one of those that are mentioned in Objectivist literature?

Yes, exactly. To avoid conflicts. Without a clear hierarchy, I don't know what to do, and when I make my choice arbitrarily I feel guilt because some parts of me feel I should be doing that which I with the same choice choose not do to. A value hierarchy will solve that problem.

Okay, but will you really do that? You are Mr. Procrastinator, and you know it.

Yes, yes. I know. Or wait, perhaps I don't know. "Procrastinator" sounds like I don't have real reasons, and if that's what you mean, I'd like to object. But anyhow, some things are different know. For one thing, I used to often get headaches (and the like) that threw me off track on a daily basis. That can really be devastating for your plans. Now, however, for the first time in years, I've found a way to get rid of those headaches. Actually, I found it some time ago, but it's first now I can begin reaping the fruits of it.

Sounds like a big thing, tell us more.

No, not now. But I'll blog on that some day. Anyway, the basic line is, things will get better from now on. With updates, I mean.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Okay, that's a wise attitude.

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