Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Just saw the last episode of Firefly. Love it! The whole TV show, which unfortunately only consists of 14 episodes. Great characters with interesting developments, many yet unsolved mysteries (possibly for ever, but Joss is saying that he wants to tell the whole story, sooner or later) involving the characters, interesting interactions between the already interesting characters. And I like the idea of flying around in space taking different missions (often not quite legal, though the crew is still pretty good guys) to get cash. It has a great adventurous feeling to it, as it is done so well. But the real strength is the characters, just like with the Buffy and Angel shows.

When I watch any of those three shows I feel things. It's like the world suddenly has colors again. And when I stop watching, I sometimes go through a kind of transition period where I feel the contrast between how I feel in response to those shows, and to my own life.


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