Sunday, December 25, 2005

I.A.Q (infrequently asked questions)

So, where have you been?


Around? What do you mean?

Um, I mean... um, what do you mean?

I mean, you've not updated your blog in a long time. Why?

Oh. Much to do and stuff.


No. Or yes, sort of. But not so much I couldn't have updated the blog.

So why haven't you?

I'm not sure. I apparently don't understand myself as much as I should.

What about the future, will you remove the blog?

No, no. I do intend to write more frequently, I just need to sort out some things first.

What things?

Well, better planning would be great. I waste a lot of time by not planning enough. And I need to remove those factors that paralyze me, as I've been writing about and probably will write more about. I need to define a clear value-hierarchy.

You mean like one of those that are mentioned in Objectivist literature?

Yes, exactly. To avoid conflicts. Without a clear hierarchy, I don't know what to do, and when I make my choice arbitrarily I feel guilt because some parts of me feel I should be doing that which I with the same choice choose not do to. A value hierarchy will solve that problem.

Okay, but will you really do that? You are Mr. Procrastinator, and you know it.

Yes, yes. I know. Or wait, perhaps I don't know. "Procrastinator" sounds like I don't have real reasons, and if that's what you mean, I'd like to object. But anyhow, some things are different know. For one thing, I used to often get headaches (and the like) that threw me off track on a daily basis. That can really be devastating for your plans. Now, however, for the first time in years, I've found a way to get rid of those headaches. Actually, I found it some time ago, but it's first now I can begin reaping the fruits of it.

Sounds like a big thing, tell us more.

No, not now. But I'll blog on that some day. Anyway, the basic line is, things will get better from now on. With updates, I mean.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Okay, that's a wise attitude.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reason and Freedom

Woo hoo, today I got this. Increased wisdom and happiness is expected.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


My perhaps favorite work of psychology is Nathaniels Brandens 'The Psychology of Self-Esteem'. He was an associate with Ayn Rand, and most of the content in this book is written during their time together (it was published 1969). His later works aren't as good.

One of its interesting concepts is visibility. Quoting:

A man's intelligence, his psycho-epistemology, his basic premises and values, his sense of life, are all made manifest in his personality. "Personality" is the externally perceivable sum of all those psychological traits or characteristics which distinguish one man from another. A man's psychology is expressed through his behavior, through the things he says and does, and through the way he says and does them. It is in this sense that a man's self is an object of perception to others. When other react to a man, to their view of him and of his behavior, their reaction (which begins in their consciousness) is expressed through their behavior, through the things they say and do relative to him, and through the way they say and do them. If their view of him is consonant with his own, and is, accordingly, transmitted by their behavior, he feels perceived, he feels psychologically visible - and he experiences a sense of the objectivity of his self and of his psychological state; he perceives the reflection of himself in their behavior. It is in this sense that others can be a psychological mirror.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Just saw the last episode of Firefly. Love it! The whole TV show, which unfortunately only consists of 14 episodes. Great characters with interesting developments, many yet unsolved mysteries (possibly for ever, but Joss is saying that he wants to tell the whole story, sooner or later) involving the characters, interesting interactions between the already interesting characters. And I like the idea of flying around in space taking different missions (often not quite legal, though the crew is still pretty good guys) to get cash. It has a great adventurous feeling to it, as it is done so well. But the real strength is the characters, just like with the Buffy and Angel shows.

When I watch any of those three shows I feel things. It's like the world suddenly has colors again. And when I stop watching, I sometimes go through a kind of transition period where I feel the contrast between how I feel in response to those shows, and to my own life.


Sunday, August 28, 2005


This'll be my first REAL post.

To tell the truth, I'm not sure what kind of stuff I'd like to write about in my blog. I have this diffuse need to communicate, and I always have things going on in my mind. I'm just not sure which of it I'd like to express. My plan is to experiment, improvise and learn as I go. Here are some guesses, which also to some extent serve as a further presentation of myself:

Objectivism. I'm an admirer of Ayn Rand, and a follower of her philosophy
(to the best of my knowledge and ability, and as far as I agree with it).
I'd be suprised if I didn't write some on that, sometimes.

Cultural imperialism. Not suprisingly, I'm likely to like writing about
things that I like. Go buy Whedon's Firefly at once.

Computer science, being what I study and all. But I dunno.

Issues. I have my fair share of those, including social anxiety (or social
phobia, if you prefer).

I'm not likely to write about politics or current (political-ish) events, as
I'm not very interested in that (even though I have some views.)

Lastly, english is not my first language, so anything that might look like
fallacies, errors, crucial omissions and the like, can safely be assumed to
be errors of language. :D

That's all for now.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

My first post

This is my first post, and it is really just a test to see if everything is working.


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